Funeral Expense Advance

Funeral Expense Advance

Where a person dies intestate leaving cash assets held with an institution and these funds are needed for burial, the Administrator-General upon request, may authorise the release of the funds to the funeral home. An advance will only be authorized upon the presentation of the requisite proof of death and an invoice from the funeral home in addition to the following documents.

Documents required for Processing of matter:

  • Properly completed Form of Particulars.
  • Burial Order or Death Certificate (original).
  • Itemized Bill from Funeral Home, detailing cost of funeral for the deceased.
  • Letter from the financial institution detailing account balance and whether the account is held solely by the deceased.
  • Valid Identification
  • Processing Fee (currently $1,500.00)

Please note that the Administrator-General has no authority to approve the release of funds for burial in the following circumstances: –

  • Where a person dies leaving a Will.
  • Where there is a joint owner to the funds.
  • Where there is a nominated beneficiary to the funds
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