AGD History

AGD History

The Early Years

When the Office of Administrator-General was established in 1873, the duly authorized officer was bound to administer estates in which the personalty amounts to £50 and upwards of persons who die intestate without leaving a widower, widow, brother or such relatives who did not take out Letters of Administration within three months of the death of the deceased.

The Administrator-General was made subject to the control of the Supreme Court of Judicature and, being an officer of that Court, was accountable to it for the due and efficient discharge of his duties.

In those early days, the Administrator-General received a salary of £300 per annum and 6% on his disbursements. He defrayed all the expenses of his office including the salaries of his clerks out of his emoluments.

The first Administrator-General, Charles Hamilton Jackson, who served from 1873-1878, received his first Grant of Letters of Administration from the Supreme Court of Judicature on the 24th of February 1875 in the Estate of Douglas Pitt. The second grant came one year later, on the 18th of May 1876 in the Estate of Julia Florence Bell.

Administrator’s-General Throughout the Years

Charles Hamilton Jackson 1873 – 1878
Edward Bancroft Lynch 1878 – 1880
William Lee 1880 – 1893
Phillip Chapman 1893 – 1899
John Mapletoft Nethersole 1899 – 1935
Alan O. Ritchie 1935 – 1942
R.C. Marley 1942 – 1948
Herbert F. Barry 1948 – 1955
Eric Charles Tomlinson 1956
Louis Lloyd Mendez 1960s
Errol A. Hall 1970s
Noel Irving 1970s
Allan A. Grant 1982 – 1985
Omar Gower Bradley 1985 – 1989
Verna Bennett 1989 – 1992
Andrew Robin Gyles 1992 – 1996
Lona Millicent Brown 1996 – Present

The Many Roles of the Administrator-General in the early years

In keeping with the demands of the society, the Administrator-General over time has held four other posts, namely, Trustee in Bankruptcy (1936-1937), Stamp Commissioner (1893-1899), Custodian of Enemy Property and Protector of Immigrants (1879-1970s).

Staff History

The Administrator-General started out with a small staff, which grew in 1919 to 5 including the Administrator-General. This number increased in 1930 to 15 workers. The steady increase in personnel continued in 1935 with 23 persons being on the payroll including the Administrator-General. In 1946 the Agency’s staff complement grew to 42 members of staff and to 56 in 1950. The Agency currently has 107 posts.

Our longest serving members of staff are:

Sophia Levy July 28, 1987
Hillary Dwyer December 6, 1988
Sherda Deacon November 23, 1992
Shernet Morrel August 3, 1993
Carol Kiffen August 3, 1993
Oliver Morris October 4, 1993
Michelle Barrett-Pinto December 1, 1995
Lona Brown April 1, 1996
Camille Anderson April 6, 1998
Deloris Mightly May 5, 1998
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