Report a Death

Report a Death

Where the deceased died intestate (without a Will) leaving minor children, the death must be reported to the Administrator-General. The Administrator-General is mandated by the Administrator-General’s Act to administer intestate estates with minor beneficiaries.

Delay in reporting the death to the Administrator-General’s Department can prove prejudicial to the beneficiaries, as the estate will be left without proper control making the assets of the deceased vulnerable to depreciation, abuse and even theft. Delay can also have cost implications, as transfer tax payable on death in respect of land, stock and shares incur a 6% interest charge per annum if not paid within a year of death.

Steps to be taken in reporting a death at the Administrator-General’s Department:

To report the death, you need to complete our form – Particulars required for the Administrator-General. The form is available at our offices or may be downloaded from our website. Particulars required for the Administrator-General for completion.

The said Particulars required for the Administrator-General. must be properly executed in the presence of a Justice of the Peace or a Notary Public.

The Particulars required for the Administrator-General. must then be submitted to the Department along with proof of death in the form of a certified copy of the Death Certificate or original Burial Order (Pink Slip), if the death has not yet been registered.

If you have any of the documents listed below relating to the deceased’s assets, please take them with you to assist us in our investigations:


  • Duplicate Certificate of Title for registered land
  • Conveyance, Indenture, Vesting Assent and Deed of Gift for unregistered land
  • Receipts evidencing purchase of land and Agreement for Sale, where available; and
  • Last Property Tax Receipt;


  • Policy Contracts

Proof of Relationship for Beneficiaries

  • Certified copy Birth Certificates for children; Court Order or Adoption Certificate
  • Certified copy Marriage Certificates (Common law spouses will need to produce Court Order declaring them a spouse of the deceased during the course of administration of the estate)

Bank Account

  • Bank Passbook, where available

Employment Benefits

  • Original or copy of deceased’s pay slip
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