Mission Statement

The Administrator-General’s Department protects the interests of minors, beneficiaries and creditors of the estates that the law requires the Administrator-General to administer.

Our Team

Mrs. Lona Brown

Administrator General & CEO

Mrs. Lona Brown was first appointed as Administrator-General on April 1, 1996. On November 1, 1998, she was named as Chief Executive Officer and Administrator-General in preparation for the Administrator-General’s Department achieving Executive Agency status on April 1, 1999. Mrs. Brown is an Attorney-at-Law with over twenty years of experience at the Jamaican Bar.

Mr. Patrick Wright

Finance & Planning Executive

Mr. Patrick Wright joined the Administrator-General’s Department in 2000 as Trust Accounting Manager. He assumed the position of Finance and Asset Management Executive in 2008. A graduate of the University of the West Indies, he has a Master of Science Degree in Accounting.

Miss Ingrid Cole

Attorney-at-Law/Estate Administration Executive

Estate Administration Executive for the Administrator-General’s Department, Ingrid Cole’s areas of expertise include Conveyance, Succession Law, Corporate Law and Family Law. Miss Cole was called to the Jamaican Bar in 1999.
Miss Cole’s journey into law saw her gaining experience in the private sector, where she served for several years before joining the Administrator-General’s Department (AGD) in 2002. As a Public Servant, Miss Cole served in the capacity of a Senior Case Attorney at the AGD. She was promoted to Estate Administration Executive with direct responsibility for estate administration and property management.
In fulfilling her social role to society, Ingrid Cole, a devoted Rotarian, is a member of the East Kingston and Port Royal Rotary Club. She was the Vice Chairman of Tarrant High School. She also served as a member of the School Board of the Independent City All-Age School in Saint Catherine.

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