Prove my Relationship

Prove my Relationship

An individual who asserts an interest in an intestate estate is required to establish the basis upon which he or she claims to benefit.

Section 4 of the Intestates’ Estates and Property Charges Act, stipulates the category of relatives who are eligible to be recognized as beneficiaries and entitled to benefit from the residuary estate, provided the requisite proof of relationship is received

Acceptable Proof Of Relationship

The Administrator-General’s Department (AGD) accepts the following as proof of relationship to the deceased:


Certified Marriage Certificate or Declaration of Common Law Spouse ship issued by the Court

Issue / Child:

Birth Certificate with the name of deceased parent endorsed thereon. Where the deceased parent is the father, and his name does not appear on the birth certificate, one of the following is sufficient:

  1. A form completed and signed by both the mother and father of the child in the presence of either an Attorney-at-Law, Justice of the Peace, Clerk of Courts, a registered medical practitioner, Minister of Religion, Marriage Officer, Midwife, Headmaster of a public educational institution. The father, on signing the form would effectively be acknowledging that he is the father of the child;
  2. An Affiliation Order made by the Court;
  3. Declaration of Paternity granted by the Court in accordance with section 7 and section 10 of the Status of the Children Act;or
  4. An order made in any country outside Jamaica declaring the deceased to be the father or putative father of the child.


Birth certificate of the deceased with the name of the parent(s) endorsed thereon

Brothers and Sisters:

Birth certificate of the deceased with the name of parent(s) endorsed thereon and birth certificate of the deceased brother or sister. There must be homogeneity in at least one of the parent’s names.

Uncles and Aunts :

Birth certificate of the deceased with the name of parent(s) endorsed thereon and birth certificates of the deceased’s mother or father and birth certificates of the deceased’s uncles and aunts (there must be homogeneity in one of the deceased’s grandparent’s names).

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