The AGD - An Executive Agency

The Administrator-General's Department became an Executive Agency on April 1, 1999, under the Public Sector Modernization Programme. The Modernization Plan Framework Document (MPFD), and the Medium Term Financing Plan (MTFP), set out the environment within which the Department operates. The Framework Document establishes the basis upon which the Department, and its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), should operate and defines how we will relate to the Minister and Ministry of Justice (Portfolio Ministry), the Ministry of Finance, and the Office of the Prime Minister.

In 1995 when the AGD was selected to become an Executive Agency, the propelling objective behind the transition was to improve service delivery. Additionally, as an Executive Agency, the Agency continues to be a government Agency while receiving human resource and financial delegation. This status requires an implementation of performance management, introduction of performance based-pay, greater transparency through clearly articulated operating guidelines and increased accountability through additional reporting requirements.

A Delegation Order from the Governor General gave the Administrator-General authority over Human Resource Management. With HR delegation, the Agency is able to employ competent staff quickly and directly without Central Government intervention. The Minister of Finance has delegated financial authority to the CEO/A-G, who has been made an accounting officer.

Today the Ministries are no longer involved in the day-to-day operations of the Agency, hence their attention can be diverted to other priority areas. In exchange for its increased autonomy, the Agency is accountable for meeting demanding performance standards and is required to submit quarterly performance reports on a timely basis to different Ministries.